These 5 things will make Modi win the 2019 general election

There are almost few days left for the 2019 general elections in India. There is a debate in the television media about who will win the 2019 general elections. Many speculations are going on social media but still, confusions are there.

The ruling party BJP looks like quite confident about coming to power again in 2019. But somehow there is still a fear among the party workers or supporters of Modi government.

In 2014 general election there was a wave in favor of Modi which made him win 282 seats. This time the government has to face anti-incumbency as well as the united opposition at a time.

The Samajwadi Party, BSP, RJD, TMC, TDP, AAP, and Congress are planning to come together to break the winning streak of Modi which is 3-0(3times CM and one time PM).

But as we did a deep analysis, we found that there is still a great chance for BJP and Mr. Modi to win the next election.

Here are 5 main reasons which may give Mr. Modi an edge over the opposition in the 2019 general election in India.